The Narrator’s Place

Recent notes from my editor. He begins by quoting from the first chapter, No-one talks. Joe C puts no more thought into maneuvering between the moored craft than he would crossing from his table to his sink in his own kitchen. Sammy and Josey recline on the front of the massive heap of netting, smoking. … Continue reading The Narrator’s Place

“Fishing in the swamp”

This post, at The Living Notebook gave me the title and the impetus to write on this subject here. The line comes from Hemingway and TLN – I'm sorry, but the blog appears to be anonymous and I don't have the writer's name… – uses it to weave a connection between two approaches to writing. … Continue reading “Fishing in the swamp”

Interview, Dateline Provincetown

Jim Brosseau, host of Dateline Provincetown interviewed me about my writing. Dateline Provincetown: An Interview with Antonio Dias. We talk about writing Shoal Hope and I read a short excerpt and a poem, From Wood End…